A Step by Step Guide to Completing your UCAS Application

The 2023 UCAS Deadline for equal consideration is fast approaching. If you still haven’t applied or are confused about how it all works, don’t worry! Our UCAS application timeline will help you get your application underway.


Before proceeding with your applications, it is essential to conduct extensive research into each course and university. Courses with the same title can differ dramatically when it comes to content and teaching methods. Equally, each university differs in its location, facilities, extra-curricular activities, and atmosphere. Another key area for research is where the graduate destinations for employment and future study are. Researching all these aspects will help you make an informed decision.


Ensure you understand the individual deadline and entry requirements of each course so you know what you need to do to secure a place.

Register with UCAS

Fill in your personal details and education and employment history. If you are applying through your school or college, they will provide a ‘Buzzword’ to enter in order to link your application to them. You can also apply as an individual or through another organisation.

Write your personal statement

Now it’s time to write your personal statement. There are lots of resources online which will help you brainstorm ideas and structure your personal statement. Check out our blog posts here and here for some inspiration. Be sure to get your first draft done early so there is plenty of time to perfect it!

Obtain a reference

Your reference must be included in your application before it can be sent to UCAS. Your referee will be someone who knows you academically, usually your teacher or tutor. If you are applying independently, you will need to check with your chosen referee that they are happy to write your reference before entering their details.


Once you have completed your application and your referee has returned your reference, it is ready to be reviewed. If you are applying through your school and college, your application and reference will be approved by them, or returned to you if there are any changes to be made.

Pay and send it off

Now your application has been completed and approved. Your school or college will send your application to UCAS for you once you’ve paid. If you are an independent applicant, you can pay and submit your application as soon as you have received your reference and checked your application for any mistakes.

Application deadline

The 2023 UCAS Deadline is 6pm on Wednesday 25th January 2023, except for courses with a 15th October 2022 deadline.

Receive your offer

You should receive all your responses from universities by 18th May 2023. Take your time to consider your options, but remember to check your personal reply deadlines so you don’t get caught out!