Bruton Lloyd tuition is perfect if your child is preparing for entrance examinations to a UK school, if you need a private tutor to prepare for your GCSE or A-Level exams or if you are preparing for university entrance to a UK, US or EU university. We also offer tuition at university level..

Regardless of where you are located or what your subject is, we can provide a solution to support you in achieving your academic goals, whether in-person or online.

Face-to-face tutorials are particularly effective for younger students who learn through interaction. Online lessons tend to be most effective for slightly older students preparing for entry to or who are already in senior school. Consistency, however, is key and many of our students combine both face-to-face and online tutorials.

Your online dashboard is accessible from any device anywhere in the world.

With the range of online tools available, such as Skype and interactive collaborative whiteboards, online lessons are becoming an increasingly popular choice for our families. Not only does it allow students to access a broader range of top-tier professional tutors who would otherwise be unable to travel to you, but we have also found that students are as satisfied with online tutorials as they are with traditional face-to-face tuition. Your online dashboard is accessible from any mobile device wherever you are in the world so that you can communicate with your tutors, schedule lessons and monitor learning progress and track payments at your convenience.

We work hard to understand your unique circumstances in order to provide you with fully vetted, hand-selected, top tier tutors whose qualifications and personality specifically match your criteria. We meet all our tutors individually and conduct thorough interviews, as well as mock lessons to assess their subject knowledge, strengths and demeanour. Once matched with a tutor you will follow a tailored tuition plan and receive individual mentoring support from your experienced educational consultant. This holistic approach significantly maximises your chances of reaching your academic goals.

We cover all academic subjects at school and university level – from English/EFL to Maths, Physics and GMAT, SAT/ACT, Art to Science, Spanish to Russian.

We offer online tuition via Skype as well as hourly face-to-face tuition in London, UK and bespoke residential tuition with your personal live-in tutor.

Our sole aim is to match you with the perfect tutor for you and your family. We achieve this by understanding as much as possible about your circumstances and goals. Although we are unable to offer free trial lessons, we will happily provide other suitable candidates.

All of our tutors have extensive knowledge of the UK education system, are highly qualified in their subject area and maintain a proven track record of success. The majority of our tutors are either Russell Group educated or are experienced inside a formal classroom setting. We don’t just represent our tutors but work tirelessly with them to construct personalised tuition plans to help you achieve your goals. Our students and tutors receive ongoing support throughout the tutoring placement and through this, we maximise your chances of success. We cannot, however, guarantee any specific results besides a platinum service working in tandem with you.


If you are new to the UK independent schools system and don’t know where to start, a consultation with a Bruton Lloyd education consultant is the perfect choice. During the consultation, we will determine the most suitable academic pathway for your child, shortlist boarding or day schools, and outline a preparation plan. If you already have some knowledge regarding UK private schools and want to assess your child’s chances for entry to specific schools, a Bruton Lloyd assessment would be the best place to start. We will assess your child’s subject knowledge across the subject spectrum and give detailed instructions to prepare for a successful entry.

A consultation typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

Bruton Lloyd consultations and assessments can be conducted online via Skype and email. Comprehensive assessments for entry to academic schools can be conducted face-to-face at our London offices. If you reside overseas our schools placement package will ensure your child is settled in the UK and supported throughout the academic year.

Private schools are in high demand and entrance examinations require thorough preparation 2-4 years prior. Therefore, we recommend taking a 7+ assessment at age 5, an 11+/13+ assessment at age 9 and a 16+ assessment at age 14.

A Bruton Lloyd assessment lasts approximately 3 hours and includes written papers in Maths, English, Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning, as well as a mock interview.

No. We want to see your child’s unfiltered subject knowledge and true personality to provide the most accurate recommendations possible. Therefore, your child does not need to prepare for the assessment, but we may require school reports and some samples of schoolwork.

We strive to provide a premium service at all times. While we do not offer refunds for assessments/consultations, we can accommodate specific requests, so please get in touch to discuss. If at any point you would like to give us feedback on our services, please contact us.

When you book a consultation or an assessment with us, we will ensure to provide you with the specific results included in the service, such as academic pathways, shortlists of suitable schools, and preparation plans. With over a decade of expertise and hundreds of satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on providing an accurate and impartial service. Despite this, there are factors which affect entry decisions, including performance on the day and other influences beyond our control. We feel our impartiality is critical in helping you to make the right decisions but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific results related to school entry. If at any point you would like to give us feedback on our services, please contact us.