Online School for iGCSE and A-level Students
Online School for iGCSE and A-level Students
Bruton Lloyd is a registered online Cambridge International School providing remote iGCSE and A-level programmes to students from around the world. We are a UCAS registered center, assisting our students in navigating their university applications.
Online School for iGCSE and A-level Students
Students aged 14-16
Students aged 16-18
Part of the UK national curriculum designed for students aged 14 to 16. Successful completion leads to the attainment of the British General Certificate of Secondary Education. This internationally recognised qualification serves as a foundation for further studies at the pre-university level, such as A-levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB).
The final stage of the UK school curriculum for students aged 16 to 18. It involves in-depth studies and preparation for Advanced Level examinations. A-levels are globally recognised and allows students to enter top-tier universities in the UK, Europe, the USA and other countries of the world.
Key Advantages
Obtain prestigious education
Become fluent in English
Study core subjects at an in-depth level
Learn from experienced UK teachers
Lay the foundations for a future career
Meet peers from different countries

For nearly two decades, we have been guiding candidates toward prestigious universities in the UK and worldwide. Our approach to teaching iGCSE and A-level programmes is designed to foster not only exam success but also smooth entry into the student's preferred university. We oversee the complete academic journey of the student.
Anna Kunitsyna
Co-founder of Bruton Lloyd


Application Process

  • Interview: Prospective students are required to undergo an entrance interview as part of the application process.
  • Test in English: A proficiency test in English is mandatory for admission. The recommended level for A-Level entry is B2 (upper intermediate), while iGCSE entry level is B1 (intermediate).
  • Enrolment: New students have the flexibility to commence their chosen program in either September or January.

Programme Structure

  • iGCSE and A-level programmes span two academic years. Exceptional students with a high level of English proficiency may qualify for a one-year iGCSE/A-level program.
  • Students can opt for one or more subjects in both A-level and iGCSE programmes.
  • Parents actively monitor their child’s progress and receive detailed reports from each teacher every term.
  • The academic year comprises 33 teaching weeks divided into three terms.
  • Small group classes with a maximum of 6 students are formed based on academic levels.
  • Classes take place online. There are no pre-recorded lessons. All lessons are delivered live by British teachers.
  • Classes are scheduled in the evenings and weekends for students attending offline school in their home country during the day.
  • Daytime classes are available for those exclusively attending online schools.

Final Assessments

  • iGCSE and A-level exams can be conducted at international exam centres located in the student’s country of residence.
  • Upon successful completion of the final iGCSE or A-level exams, students attain internationally recognized school qualifications.
Before enrolling new students, we offer a comprehensive consultation to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your subject choices and mapping out your future career path.

Which subjects to choose?

For our younger students balancing online courses with attending school in their home country, we recommend adding iGCSE Maths and English to their learning portfolio. We also encourage students to explore additional subjects to enhance their learning experience.

Our older students can choose 3 A-levels subjects based on the University degree they wish to pursue. Our experienced university admission consultants will assist students in making the right choice of 3 A-level subjects, taking into account their future plans for higher education.

Mathematics (Standard Level)
Mathematics (Advanced Level)
Foreign Languages
Business Studies
Computer Science
Media Studies

Certain subjects hold universal value and are beneficial for admission to various university degrees. For instance, excelling in iGCSE and A-level Mathematics is highly esteemed when applying for university degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, Biochemistry, and Engineering. Choosing such subjects strategically broadens your academic foundation and enhances your prospects across diverse fields of study.

Why Bruton Lloyd?

University destinations

London School of Economics
Kings College London
University of Warwick
University of Edinburgh
University of St Andrews
University of Bristol
Manchester University
City University London
Queen Mary University
Royal Holloway University
University of the Arts London
Paris Institute of Political Studies
University of Amsterdam
New York University
Brown University
University of Pennsylvania
University of California, Los Angeles
Parsons School of Design


English and History
Kings College, University of London (BA War Studies and Classics)
I have taught English and History to students of different ages and nationalities, both in the UK and overseas, for more than ten years. Among them were the children of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali in West Africa, and school students in Kiev, Ukraine.
Economics and Business Studies
Institute of Education, University of London (MA in Business Education; PGCE in Business and Economics Education); The Management Centre, University of Bradford (BSc (Honours) Degree in Business and Management)
I have accumulated over 3000 hours of experience teaching Economics and Business, as well as preparing students for entrance exams to some of the most prestigious British schools, including Harrow, Winchester, and Westminster. Subsequently, these students successfully gained admission to leading UK universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Birmingham, and others.
Marie Anne
Maths and Further Maths
Goldsmiths, University of London; City of London University (BSc Insurance and Investment (Financial Mathematics))
I have worked as the Head of the Mathematics Department at a private school in London. With two decades of experience, I have a keen understanding of the intricacies of international school curricula and the specific needs of overseas students studying in English.
Biology and Chemistry
University of Leeds (BSc (Hons) in Biology); King's College London (PGCE Secondary Science Teaching (QTS with Masters Credits)); University of Gloucestershire (Masters in Education - Professional studies (MEd))
With 15 years of professional experience, I've engaged in both private teaching and roles within private and state schools in London. My commitment lies in enhancing the academic levels of each student, assisting them in overcoming challenges, and nurturing their self-confidence.



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