Choose the right school

Your child’s academic success starts with the right school

From an initial consultation and assessment to tailored tuition and step-by-step mentoring, your Bruton Lloyd educational consultant will guide you through the entire UK independent schools selection and admissions process to ensure your child is settling in well to their UK academic journey.


Get your strategy for a successful UK independent school entry

During your consultation, we map out suitable academic pathways, taking into account your child’s skillset, academic knowledge, goals and personality.

Your customised strategy includes:



How it works


Academic Goals

Meet your Bruton Lloyd educational consultant to evaluate your child’s academic goals.



Evaluate your child’s academic strengths and identify areas for improvement.


Academic Pathways

Receive a list of academic pathways and an outline of the schools’ admissions processes.


Harry Pakenham
Former Head of English at Sunningdale School
Bruton Lloyd's dedication to their clients always
 impresses me; highly efficient, their keen attention to detail ensures their students are in the best possible hands.
Bruton Lloyd has been amazing at helping us choose the perfect boarding school for our son. He came home for holidays and after only 6 months in the UK, he voluntarily chose a book over computer games – a true testimony to the quality of UK education.
Bruton Lloyd has really put us at ease throughout our school visits at UK boarding schools – we realised our child would settle just fine and there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Your knowledge of private schools is excellent. Choosing the right one for my daughter was a very easy and pleasant process.
Bruton Lloyd Assessment

Assess your child’s strengths and personality

During the independent assessment, we identify your child's strengths, skills and areas of improvement to shortlist suitable schools.

Your assessment package includes:

Prices start from


How it works



Age-appropriate comprehensive assessment of your child’s knowledge across academic subjects. We look at criteria such as speed, accuracy, creativity, and problem-solving skills



Mock interview with your educational consultant to assess your child’s communication skills, personality, interests and ambitions


Tuition Plan

Detailed assessment report with a tailored preparation plan for successful UK schools entry

School Placements

Long-term assistance to help your child enter a UK independent school consists of:

Consultation and assessment with a tailored preparation plan
Private tutor selection for entrance examinations and interview preparation
Tailored tuition plan
School visits and administrative support
Advice on subject combinations and pathways

Students we have worked with have received offers from leading London schools, including

Dulwich College
City of London
St Paul's
King's College Wimbledon
Putney High
Godolphin & Latymer
Ibstock Place
Wetherby Senior
South Hampstead High
Francis Holland

Students we have worked with have received offers from leading UK boarding schools, including

Wycombe Abbey
Malvern College
St Mary’s Ascot
Marlborough College
Cheltenham Ladies’ College
The King’s School, Canterbury
Winchester College

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to the UK independent schools system and don’t know where to start, a consultation with a Bruton Lloyd education consultant is the perfect choice. During the consultation, we will determine the most suitable academic pathway for your child, shortlist boarding or day schools and outline a preparation plan. If you already have some knowledge regarding UK private schools and want to assess your child’s chances for entry to specific schools, a Bruton Lloyd assessment would be the best place to start. We will assess your child’s subject knowledge across the subject spectrum and give detailed instructions to prepare for a successful entry.

A consultation typically lasts 60-90 minutes.

Bruton Lloyd consultations and assessments can be conducted online via Skype and email. Comprehensive assessments for entry to academic schools can be conducted face-to-face at our London offices. If you reside overseas our schools placement package will ensure your child is settled in the UK and supported throughout the academic year.

Private schools are in high demand and entrance examinations require thorough preparation 2-4 years prior. Therefore, we recommend taking a 7+ assessment at age 5, an 11+/13+ assessment at age 9 and a 16+ assessment at age 14.

A Bruton Lloyd assessment lasts approximately 3 hours and includes written papers in Maths, English, Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning, as well as a mock interview.

No. We want to see your child’s unfiltered subject knowledge and true personality to provide the most accurate recommendations possible. Therefore, your child does not need to prepare for the assessment, but we may require school reports and some samples of schoolwork.

We strive to provide a premium service at all times. While we do not offer refunds for assessments/consultations, we can accommodate specific requests, so please get in touch to discuss. If at any point you would like to give us feedback on our services, please contact us.

When you book a consultation or an assessment with us, we will ensure to provide you with the specific results included in the service, such as academic pathways, shortlists of suitable schools and preparation plans. With over a decade of expertise and hundreds of satisfied clients, we pride ourselves on providing an accurate and impartial service. Despite this, there are factors which affect entry decisions, including performance on the day and other influences beyond our control. We feel our impartiality is critical in helping you to make the right decisions but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific results related to school entry. If at any point you would like to give us feedback on our services, please contact us.