Senior School (11+/13+ Entry)

Senior schools start at 11+ or 13+ and prepare children for GCSE/IGCSE examinations at the age of 16 which will allow them to progress onto sixth form.

Entry at 11+

The majority of girls’ schools and many mixed London day schools admit pupils at 11+.

Candidates who have already been prepared in the UK education system sit the 11+ Common Entrance examination at their school in the year before entry.

Overseas candidates and those who have not previously studied in the UK sit exams at the same time, usually in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

There will also be an interview, during which the school will assess the candidate’s personality and potential.

Entry at 13+

The majority of boys’ schools and some mixed London day schools admit pupils at 13+.

Candidates who have already been prepared in the UK education system, and come from a prep school, sit the 13+ Common Entrance examination at their school in the summer term before the year of entry.

Acceptance will also be on the basis of an interview and a detailed report from the previous school.

Overseas candidates usually sit the school’s own 13+ examinations in the winter before the year of entry and will also be interviewed.

Candidates are tested in

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Chemistry, Physics and Biology)
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning

Some independent schools have put in place mandatory pre-tests to be taken two years prior to entry, when the child is 10 or 11.

These pre-tests usually include

  • a computerised English, Mathematics and Reasoning test
  • and may involve interviews and group activities at the school.

Our services

Assessment and preparation

  • academic assessment by Bruton Lloyd experts – senior staff of several years at top independent schools who will test the candidate’s academic potential
  • shortlist of suitable senior schools, in alignment with your childs skills and abilities, academic subject knowledge and aspirations
  • organisation of school visits with a Bruton Lloyd educational consultant

Common Entrance Examinations (CE 11+/13+)

  • private tuition in English, Maths, Science and (Non-)Verbal Reasoning with a hand-selected specialist Bruton Lloyd tutor
  • interview practice

 GCSE/IGCSE tuition & advice

  • advice on the right GCSE/IGCSE subject choice to prepare for entry into sixth form
  • private GCSE/IGCSE tuition with Bruton Lloyd tutors (English, Maths, Languages, Science, History)

Contact us to discuss your requirements

Over the last five years the children we have worked with have entered the following senior schools

London day schools

  • Dulwich College
  • Francis Holland
  • Harrodian
  • Highgate
  • KCS Wimbledon
  • Putney High
  • UCS
  • Westminster

Boarding schools

  • Charterhouse
  • Dulwich College
  • Sevenoaks
  • Shrewsbury
  • Tonbridge
  • Wycombe Abbey