Dougal – Science Tutor


PhD in Materials Chemistry (Nanomaterials for energy storage, Electronics and environmental technologies), University College London (UCL), MSc (Hons), Chemistry, University College London (UCL)


Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths

Exam preparation:

GCSE, A-Level

Tutoring experience:

I have been tutoring at various levels for 8 years now. I have tutored secondary school students in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths at GCSE and A-level; these students have gone on to study at UCL, Imperial, Oxford, Bristol, and Edinburgh, among other highly regarded institutions. I have also privately tutored, engaged in laboratory demonstrating and led tutorials for Chemistry undergraduates at university level.

What makes your teaching style unique?

Answering exam questions effectively is a useful skill, one that I teach extensively. But I am also a keen proponent of scientific literacy and it is always my goal to help students achieve a solid grasp not only on the core concepts, but also on how they impact the world around us. Students can use that knowledge to gain a more fundamental understanding of a topic, which makes the whole experience of learning and teaching very much more rewarding. Of course, I love seeing how my tutees’ grades improve or when they get into great universities. But my favourite thing is when a student has a topic area that they just do not understand at all, perhaps they are getting frustrated, or losing interest completely. And as we go through the topic, perhaps come at it from a few different angles, eventually there’s this sudden ‘click’ of realisation, when the student just gets it. For me as a tutor, that’s one of the best feelings.

What do you do apart from tutoring?

Mostly music, piano and singing. I’ve been a member of the Sloane Square Choral Society for a few years now, and have also been known to perform with jazz and barbershop groups from time to time.

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