With close to two decades of expertise, Bruton Lloyd Educational Consultants will navigate you to the ideal UK school, university or course, whilst our committed tutors will help pave the way to achieving your academic goals.


Harry Pakenham
Former Head of English at Sunningdale School
Bruton Lloyd's dedication to their clients always
 impresses me; highly efficient, their keen attention to detail ensures their students are in the best possible hands.
Kirstie Richards
Deputy Registrar, Winchester College 2008 – 2014
In the unregulated world of tutoring, it is good to know Bruton Lloyd holds the highest professional standards and insists on the same from their tutors.
Bruton Lloyd has really put us at ease throughout our school visits at UK boarding schools – we realised our child would settle just fine and there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Having had our three sons tutored by Bruton Lloyd in Vienna, Austria we happily opted for the agency’s services in London, UK. As a result, all three of our boys entered top British schools.
Thank you, Bruton Lloyd, for matching our son with such professional tutors. He got A* in his GCSEs which he needed to get into Westminster School. We are very proud of him!
My son was very happy to study with his wonderful tutor, Emily, who lived with us in Moscow for 7 months and tutored Max in Science, Geography and English. The lessons were informal yet informative and Max has gained a lot of confidence in writing essays.
My history and maths lessons were fantastic and really productive. Harry is a great teacher!
I had my university interview preparation lessons online with a Bruton Lloyd tutor. I felt very confident on the day of the interview and was happy to be accepted at Oxford University.
After our move to the UK, Bruton Lloyd has matched our son with 2 excellent tutors to help him sit appropriate GCSEs for his A-Level choice. As a result, our son was accepted by both St. Paul’s and Westminster for Sixth Form.
Our Bruton Lloyd tutor has been an inspiring role model for our son. He told our son what life in a British boarding school looks like and Bruton Lloyd is now guiding us through the process of boarding school entry.
Bruton Lloyd matched my son with the right tutor to prepare for the SAT test. As a result of the Skype online tuition my son has successfully passed the test and joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Thank you very much for your assistance during the application process. We are very glad to hear about the acceptance from the Brown University admissions committee. Alex is excited about the opportunity to join the Brown University community.
Thank you so much for your help! Sergei is so excited to be joining UCLA and so proud of himself!
Bruton Lloyd has been amazing at helping us choose the perfect boarding school for our son. He came home for holidays and after only 6 months in the UK, he voluntarily chose a book over computer games – a true testimony to the quality of UK education.
Your knowledge of private schools is excellent. Choosing the right one for my daughter was a very easy and pleasant process.

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