How to enter a private British school?

Moving into the British independent school system is not as straightforward as it might seem, and parents are often unsure where to begin.

  • London day or country boarding? All boys’, all girls’ or co-educational?
  • What is the right entry point to transition into the independent British school system?
  • Where is my child most likely to succeed academically, unlock their potential and be happy?
  • How and when to start preparing for entrance examinations?

The best school is the one that best suits your child’s academic abilities and personality.

Therefore, prior to recommending schools, our experts will:

  • assess your child to get a better understanding of his or her subject knowledge, academic potential and personality
  • identify schools which will bring out the best in your child and will fit with his or her passions and talents.

Once you have decided to send your child to a British independent school, you need to decide on the entry point. The traditional entry points are:

Children should usually be registered between one and three years ahead of these entry points.

The exact entrance procedures vary between schools, though all schools will have entrance examinations and interviews in the year preceding entry.

Most boarding schools require children to sit pre-tests in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning two years prior to the entrance examinations.

As both British and overseas children work with private tutors to improve their performance, entry to both boarding and day schools is very competitive.

Our educational experts, who have over 20 years of experience as senior staff members at UK’s leading independent schools, will:

  • conduct a thorough, independent assessment to explore your child’s personality, interests, skills and academic abilities
  • suggest areas for improvement and suitable schools.

Following this assessment we will:

  • match you with our Oxbridge and Russell Group graduate tutors who will prepare your child for 4+, 7+, 11+, 13+ or 16+ entrance examinations.
  • work with the tutor to devise an individualised programme of study, with lessons taking place either at our London study centre in Mayfair, at your home, or online via Skype.

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What are the next steps?

1) Academic assessment and interview

Depending on your child’s age, Bruton Lloyd consultants, former senior staff at UK’s leading independent schools, will assess his or her academic potential and knowledge in the following subjects:

  • English (reading comprehension, writing, speaking)
  • (Non-)verbal reasoning
  • Maths
  • Science (biology, chemistry, physics)

Bruton Lloyd consultants will also conduct a short interview to determine which school would suit your child’s temperament and interests.

2)  Consultation and on-going administrative support

  • providing a shortlist of suitable schools, based on the results of the assessment and the interview
  • organisation of school visits
  • processing the paperwork (medical notes, recommendation letters, school reports, etc.)
  • guardianship for overseas students whose parents reside outside the UK

3)  Preparation for entrance examinations, tailored tuition and on-going academic support

  • tailored tuition plan to prepare for entrance examinations in English, Maths, Reasoning and Science
  • entrance examinations preparation with Bruton Lloyd tutors and mentorsonline, at your home or at one of our tuition centres
  • for overseas students: the opportunity to sit the all-important UKiset test in our examination centre in London or Moscow

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“Your knowledge of boarding schools is excellent. Choosing the right one for my daughter was very easy and pleasant.” Andrei, father of a student