Nadia – French Tutor


MA (Hons) English, French & Comparative Literature (University of Zürich, 2009), MA in Acting (Drama Centre London, 2013)



Exam preparation:

GCSE, A-Level, Advanced learners (Adults)

Tutoring experience:

I started tutoring in 2013, right after graduating from drama school. Over the past four years I have tutored over 30 clients, ranging from ages 5 to 45, on a regular basis. I have gained extensive and successful experience tutoring at GCSE and A-level. I have also taught French to beginners seeking to learn the language out of pleasure and/or to optimize their career opportunities. What I enjoy most about my job is the fact that I can support students in acquiring a better understanding and therefore grasp of the French language and all its  complexities. It is hugely satisfying when a student finally understands grammatical rules s/he might have struggled with for a while and implements them correctly when both writing and speaking. I enjoy giving them the right set of tools for whatever it is they need to achieve and see their confidence grow as they draw on those tools.

What makes your teaching style unique? 

As both a writer and an actor, I place a lot of emphasis on fluency and style in both written and oral expression and I always strive to communicate my love of language. I give equal importance to all features of language – grammar, syntax, punctuation, pronunciation and vocabulary. I often find that a number are neglected in the classroom, evidently because of lack of time, which is why and where I come in. I have a thorough understanding of French grammar and can explain rules in detail with the help of examples and exercises. I tailor my lessons to the level and needs of each individual, which I gauge and adapt to very quickly. I like to get to know my students and find out what interests them, so that I can source teaching materials according to both their needs and interests.  I am very personable and patient – I think one has to be when teaching as beautiful and complicated a language as French! I am firm but not strict – I like to put students at ease and make the lesson entertaining as well as instructive. With students often being exhausted after a school day and overloaded with homework, I don’t find it useful to adopt too rigorous an approach. I find things are more easily taught and learnt in a relaxed and fun-loving environment.

What do you do apart from tutoring?

I write, produce and act in plays, I run my own production company, I develop short/feature film projects, I audition for film and TV, I attend film festivals, I go to the theatre a lot, I work out at the gym, I hang out with my partner and friends, and I travel for work and to visit family.

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