Matt – Online Physics and Maths tutor


MSc, Theoretical Physics, University of Leeds


Mathematics, Physics

Exam preparation:

GCSE, iGCSE, A-Levels, IB

Tutoring experience:

I began tutoring during my studies at university – around 5 years ago. Since then, I have prepared students of GCSE, iGCSE, A-Level and IB exams with outstanding results. During our lessons, students not only focus on the actual subject, but also on developing problem solving techniques to build confidence. I also have experience teaching maths and physics to EFL speakers and and focus on closing the gaps of the parts of the syllabus they didn’t cover at home.

What makes your teaching style unique?

I try to create a very open dialogue between the student and I, so they feel comfortable talking about the parts of the subject that they don’t understand. My lessons are problem based and I make it clear to them that getting the wrong answer and not understanding is okay and part of the learning process. I tend to begin the lesson with discussing a problem so the student is kick started into thinking about the subject and to give the student a more intuitive feel for maths and physics. During online lessons, I get them to write up their thought process on an interactive white board so that they convince me that they understand. The one-on-one nature of tutoring requires creativity, problem-solving skills, and most importantly importantly patience, which keeps teaching interesting.

What do you do apart from tutoring?

I enjoy practicing the piano and listening to music, as well as and learning languges (German and Spanish)

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