Mark – History and English


BA in History from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2011), Qualified English as a Foreign Language Instructor (CELTA)


History, Politics, English

Exam preparation:

Common Entrance 11+, 13+

Tutoring experience:

After working at an international summer school during my university holidays, I realised that I enjoyed working with children. A short stint of mentoring and volunteer work with children reinforced this revelation. After travelling for a few months, I decided to take my CELTA and combine my love of teaching with my love of travelling. There are few things that do not interest me, which is probably why education has become one of my passions. I have worked with Bruton Lloyd  for over two years, providing individually tailored tuition to a wide range of clients. This has mainly included preparing children and young adults for their 11+ or 13+ exams. I spent a year preparing two Russian children with little English to attend an English-speaking international school in Luxembourg. Both are doing extremely well in their new school. I have also worked with a range of adult learners at a range of different English levels.

What makes your teaching style unique? 

Rather than define subjects into narrow boxes, I like to link all my subjects together. When teaching ‘English’ we shall learn about ‘philosophy’, when teaching ‘science’ we shall learn about ‘history’. Having a tutor is a unique opportunity for students to break out of the restrictive mould to which schools are constrained. Understanding how all subjects are linked helps develop a real understanding of, and interest in, a subject’s matter. I place a lot of emphasis on critical thinking and independent study. Rather than provide answers, I provide questions; where can you find the answer, how can you check the answer is correct, why do you believe this to be the answer? Education is about more than pursuing grades. It is about pursuing knowledge and understanding life. I want my students to feel confident when faced with any question; be it in an exam or in their lives.

What do you do apart from tutoring? 

Too many things! I guess my three passions are music, sport and politics. I play in a band and have my own music promotion and event management business. In my spare time, I volunteer and am heavily involved in local Cambridge politics and have even organised an election campaign. I really enjoy boxing, Muay Thai and am teaching myself to run parcours.

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