Katie – Biology Tutor


MSc in Paleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archaeology, University College London, PGCE in Science Education (Biology), King’s College London, BA Archaelogogy (Paleoanthropology), University of Nottingham



Exam preparation:

GCSE, A-Level


I have been teaching, home schooling and tutoring for over ten years, covering schools in the UK and Switzerland and have completed residential teaching placements around the world. In particular, I worked as a Science teacher at St. Martin in the Fields High School for Girls in South London for two years teaching all three Sciences across a wide range of ability levels before moving to Switzerland to work as a Science Teacher at Leysin American School. During  that time I worked with children from over sixty different countries and specialised in teaching Science to English as a second language learners. As Leysin American School was a boarding school I had many other pastoral responsibilities, including working as a dorm parent during the evenings and weekends, running the environmental club and planning and supervising after school activities such as running and fitness activities. I also tutored students within the subject of Science and mentored students generally including individuals with special educational needs.

What makes your teaching style unique?

From my career path so far I am very used to being a role model for children. In addition to tutoring students academically I have also focused on preparing students for interview preparation as well as improving social skills generally. I am sensitive to individual needs and believe that a personalised, multi sensory, cross-curricular and dynamic lesson plan, with positive encouragement, timed and structured activities are key for all children to succeed. I also believe that ‘Assessment for Learning’ is a particularly crucial element to lessons as this will allow the students to understand what they need to do to improve their learning and move on to a more advanced level of thinking.

What do you do apart from tutoring?

When I am not tutoring I enjoy cooking and reading books about science, history and science fiction. I am an active person who enjoys hiking outdoors, running, yoga, biking, snowboarding. During my time in Switzerland I organized and ran a variety of activities for primary and secondary school aged children including horse riding, paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking, yoga, cooking, board games, baking and painting.

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