11+ and 13+: How to choose a senior school and prepare for entrance examinations

Choosing a senior school is not always as straightforward as it might seem, and parents are often unsure what to do:

  • applying for 11+ or pre-tests and 13+ common entrance examinations
  • London day or country boarding? All boys’, all girls’ or co-educational?
  • What is the right entry point to transition into the independent British school system?

We have invited two experienced professionals to share their insights with you.

During the seminar on 15th May 2018, 18:30 – 21:00 at The Lansdowne Club in London (Mayfair) Dee Francken, former Headmistress at the North London Collegiate School and Kirstie Richards, former Deputy Registrar at Winchester College will be discussing all the important 11+ and 13+ matters, such as:

  • managing ambitions and setting realistic expectations
  • choosing the right entry point and the right school for your child
  • choosing between schools if your child receives several offers
  • taking the advice of your child’s prep school
  • which school is better for your child: boarding or London day
  • the difference between 11+ and pre-tests in co-educational, all boys’ and all girls’ schools
  • the three types of schools you should apply to in order to increase your child’s chances of being accepted
  • the secret to successful 11+ preparation (no matter which school you choose)
  • the impact your senior school choice has on future university applications

The seminar will be particularly useful if:

  • you are confused by the British private education system and would like to hear expert advice;
  • your child is currently 6, 7 or 8 years old, and you are already thinking of schools to apply to for 11+ and 13;
  • you would like to know, when and how to start preparing for 11+ and 13+ entry.

Learn more and purchase your tickets at: http://elevenplus.eventbrite.co.uk/