Success Stories

“A huge thank you for all your help with choosing the right English summer course for our son. He joined the strongest group and thoroughly enjoyed the school, the interaction with the teachers and his host family and, of course, Oxford itself. We are very pleased with the results of our son’s productive stay – he definitely wants to pursue his university studies in Oxford.” – Vitalij, father of a student

“Having had our three sons tutored by Bruton Lloyd in Vienna, Austria we happily opted for the agency’s services in London, UK. As a result all three our boys entered top British schools.” – Maria L., mother of a student

“Thank you very much for your assistance during the application process. We are very glad to hear about the acceptance from the Brown University admissions committee. I am looking forward for Alex to attend Brown next Autumn. Alex is excited about the opportunity to join the Brown University community.” – Andrei, father of a student

“Thank you so much for your help! Sergei is so excited about joining UCLA and so proud of himself!” – Elena, mother of a student

“Your knowledge of boarding schools is excellent. Choosing the right one for my daughter was very easy and pleasant.” – Andrei P., father of a student

“My son was very happy to study with a wonderful tutor, Emily. She lived with and taught Max for 7 months in Moscow. During this time she tutored for Sciences, Geography and English. They also had a lot of fun travelling to Italy. The style of the lessons were suitable for Max: informal but informative. After lessons he became more self-confident in writing essays.” – Tatiana, mother of a student

“My history and maths lessons were fantastic and really productive. Harry is a great teacher!” – Alexandra, student

“Studying at the Norfolk centre was an invaluable experience before moving to the UK. I moved to the advanced level of English and learned horse riding. I truly enjoyed our evening conversations with hosts William and Jane.” – Ernest, student

“Maxim really enjoyed the time he spent with William and Jane. We’ll follow up on your feedback and reports from tutors and put more emphasis on reading in English. Also, he commented that his meetings in London were extremely helpful to better understand his potential future study choices. He’ll write to you shortly upon his return. Thank you very much for your warm welcome!” – Oleg, Maxim’s father

“ I really enjoyed the time spent with Kirstie. The meetings in London were extremely helpful to better understand my potential future study choices. Thank you!” – Victor, a student

A client asked us to find a school for his 8 year-old son. Since the family were still based in Russia, we immediately sent a tutor out to work with the boy for a year and a half. Having established that he was a strong academic candidate, and realising his potential, we set our sights on Summer Fields, one of the most selective prep schools in the UK. The private tutor continued to work with the boy in Russia, specifically focusing on the school’s entrance tests. He sat the exams, passed and joined in Year 6. At Summer Fields, he soon became top of his class and was swiftly moved into the scholarship set. This year, working with another tutor who was a former Winchester scholar, he himself eventually won a scholarship to Winchester College and will be starting there this September

A French-Swedish student had studied in the UK for a short period of time before returning to Sweden with his family. He and his family decided that they wanted to return to the UK for sixth form, although they were undecided on a day or boarding school. We we recommended the top schools, guided the family through the application process and matched the boy with the most suitable Bruton Lloyd tutors, to prepare for the interview and the entrance exams. As a result, the student received offers from St Paul’s and Westminster, two of the country’s best schools.

We designed and implemented an ambitious educational programme for a 17 year-old girl aiming for History of Art at Oxford or Cambridge. Having finished her GCSEs and under our practical guidance, the girl chose academically strong and appropriate A-levels. She visited art galleries and exhibitions with our consultants, both in the UK and abroad. We organised a successful two-week internship for her in two departments at Christie’s, as well as a course at Christie’s Education. She wrote regular reports for us after these experiences, steadily becoming more confident in this chosen field of study and always proving she had something to say.

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